Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Splashproofing Kimono

With the kimono collection growing I needed something to keep them dry.

I was really happy to find and win these on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Rain clogs and a matching bag (not sure if they qualify as
zōri or geta)

Silk rainproof michiyuki (has a gorgeous luster)

The michiyuki comes down to my ankles and the sleeves are big enough to encase those of most of my garments.
So that no rain splashes up and soils my kimono I intend to draw it up with the under-layer juban hems and pinch them onto my obi belt with a couple of clips so only the susoyoke petticoat covers my lower legs under the michiyuke raincoat.
A perfect example of what I mean is demonstrated in Kimonojin's blog

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